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Robinson, Paul - Doing Less With Less, ebook

Doing Less With Less

Robinson, Paul


The only way to avoid dodgy dossiers and dubious foreign adventures is to acknowledge that the post-Cold War world is a far safer place than neoconservative rhetoricians would have us believe. The Ministry of Defence should reclaim its pre-Orwellian meaning…

Hallsworth, Simon - The Gang and Beyond, ebook

The Gang and Beyond

Hallsworth, Simon


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Simon Hallsworth
Part One. Gangland Claims and Gangland Realities
2. Gangs, Weapons and Violence
Simon Hallsworth
3. The Fists and the Fury: My Life in a Sea of Gangs
Simon Hallsworth
Part Two. On Gang Talk and Gang-Talkers
4. Deciphering Gang Talk

Frau, Robert - Dehumanization of Warfare, ebook

Dehumanization of Warfare

Frau, Robert


Autonomous Weapons and International Humanitarian Law
Yoram Dinstein
3. Dehumanization: Is There a Legal Problem Under Article 36?
William Boothby
Part II. Ethical Challenges of Dehumanization
4. Dehumanization: The Ethical Perspective
Jan C.

Avenhaus, Rudolf - Verifying Treaty Compliance, ebook

Verifying Treaty Compliance

Avenhaus, Rudolf


International Atomic Energy Agency Safeguards under the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons: Challenges in Implementation
Jill N. Cooley
5. Verification under the Chemical Weapons Convention
Mohamed Daoudi, Ralf Trapp
6. Biological Weapons