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Ericson, Clifton A. - Hazard Analysis Techniques for System Safety, ebook

Hazard Analysis Techniques for System Safety

Ericson, Clifton A.


A practical guide to identifying hazards using common hazard analysis techniques
Many different hazard analysis techniques have been developed over the past forty years. However, there is only a handful of techniques that safety analysts actually apply in their daily work. Written

Cress, Ulrike - Mass Collaboration and Education, ebook

Mass Collaboration and Education

Cress, Ulrike


Exploring, Understanding, and Designing Innovative Socio-Technical Environments for Fostering and Supporting Mass Collaboration
Gerhard Fischer
4. Stigmergic Collaboration: A Framework for Understanding and Designing Mass Collaboration
Mark Elliott

Gutwirth, Serge - Reinventing Data Protection?, ebook

Reinventing Data Protection?

Gutwirth, Serge


The Concepts of Identity and Identifiablity: Legal and Technical Deadlocks for Protecting Human Beings in the Information Society?
Jean-Marc Dinant
6. Role of Trade Associations: Data Protection as a Negotiable Issue
Jan Berkvens
7. The Role of Data