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Ervo, Laura - Current Trends in Preparatory Proceedings, ebook

Current Trends in Preparatory Proceedings

Ervo, Laura


The Preparatory Stage of Civil Proceedings in Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Slovakia: Halfway There Yet?
Aleš Galič
6. Preparatory Stage in the Baltic States: Similarities and Differences
Vigita Vėbraitė
7. Polish Civil Proceedings: Expanding

Altbach, Philip G. - Academic Inbreeding and Mobility in Higher Education, ebook

Academic Inbreeding and Mobility in Higher Education

Altbach, Philip G.


Table of contents
1. Academic Inbreeding: Local Challenge, Global Problem
Philip G. Altbach, Maria Yudkevich, Laura E. Rumbley
2. Academic Inbreeding: State of the Literature
Olga Gorelova, Maria Yudkevich
3. Academic Inbreeding in the Argentine University: A Systemic and Organizational Analysis

Fu, Yulin - Supreme Courts in Transition in China and the West, ebook

Supreme Courts in Transition in China and the West

Fu, Yulin


Table of contents
1. Introduction
C. H. (Remco) Rhee, Yulin Fu
2. The Chinese Supreme People’s Court in Transition
Yulin Fu
3. The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom: A Selective Tribunal with the Final Say on Most Matters
Neil Andrews
4. From Courts of Appeal to Courts of Precedent—Access to

Meda, Juri - School Memories, ebook

School Memories

Meda, Juri


Faded Memories Carved in Stone: Teachers’ Gravestones as a Form of Collective Memory of Education in Slovenia in the 19th and Early 20th Century
Branko Šuštar
14. Celebrating the School Building: Educational Intentions and Collective Representations (The

Reimann, Mathias - Cost and Fee Allocation in Civil Procedure, ebook

Cost and Fee Allocation in Civil Procedure

Reimann, Mathias


Cost and Fee Allocation in Slovenia – From Major to Partial Shifting?
Nina Betetto
23. The System of Costs in Spanish Civil Procedure
Francisco López Símo, José Ángel Torres Lana
24. Loser Pays – But Only a Reasonable Amount
Martin Sunnqvist