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Ghosh, Sumit - Cybercrimes: A Multidisciplinary Analysis, ebook

Cybercrimes: A Multidisciplinary Analysis

Ghosh, Sumit


The Psyche of Cybercriminals: A Psycho-Social Perspective
Marcus K. Rogers
15. Spurring the Private Sector: Indirect Federal Regulation of Cybersecurity in the US
Stewart Baker, Melanie Schneck-Teplinsky
16. Criminal Regulations
Jessica R. Herrera-Flanigan,

Mattheou, Dimitris - Changing Educational Landscapes, ebook

Changing Educational Landscapes

Mattheou, Dimitris


Table of contents
1. Changing Educational Landscapes: An Introduction
Dimitris Mattheou
2. The Owl of Athena: Reflective Encounters with the Greeks on Pedagogical Eros and the Paideia of the Soul (Psyche)
Andreas M. Kazamias
3. Implications of the New Social Characteristics of Knowledge Production

Bekerman, Zvi - Addressing Ethnic Conflict through Peace Education, ebook

Addressing Ethnic Conflict through Peace Education

Bekerman, Zvi


The Reconstruction of the Teacher’s Psyche in Rwanda: The Theory and Practice of Peace Education at Kigali Institute of Education
George K. Njoroge
17. Post-Soviet Reconstruction in Ukraine: Education for Social Cohesion
Tetyana Koshmanova, Gunilla Holm