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Hawkins, John N. - Higher Education Regionalization in Asia Pacific, ebook

Higher Education Regionalization in Asia Pacific

Hawkins, John N.


The Philippines and the Global Labor Market: An Emergent Form of Trans-regional Influence on Philippine Higher Education
Regina M. Ordonez
Part III. Regulatory and Governance Dimensions
9. Cooperation and Competition in Tango: Transnationalization of Higher

Bezzina, Christopher - Intercultural Studies of Curriculum, ebook

Intercultural Studies of Curriculum

Bezzina, Christopher


Toward Cross-Cultural Curriculum Development: An Analysis of Science Education in the Philippines, Ghana, and the United States
A. C. Vera Cruz, P. E. Madden, C. K. Asante
4. High School Teachers’ Perceptions Regarding Inquiry-Based Science Curriculum in

Harris, Roger - Rethinking Work and Learning, ebook

Rethinking Work and Learning

Harris, Roger


Birds Learn to Swim and Fish Learn to Fly: Lessons from the Philippines on AVE for Social Sustainability
Edicio dela Torre
18. Breaking the Silence: Exploring Spirituality in Secular Professional Education in Australia
Joanna Crossman
19. Waldorf Schools

Horta, Hugo - Researching Higher Education in Asia, ebook

Researching Higher Education in Asia

Horta, Hugo


Higher Education Research in the Philippines: Policies and Prospects
Christian Bryan S. Bustamante
Part IV. South/West Asia
17. Education Research and Emergence of Higher Education as a Field of Study in India
N. V. Varghese
18. Higher Education

Grace, Gerald - International Handbook of Catholic Education, ebook

International Handbook of Catholic Education

Grace, Gerald


Catholic Schools in the Philippines: Beacons of Hope in Asia
Angelina L. V. Gutiérrez
38. Ethics, Moral, and Social Responsibility Formation of Students: Contemporary Challenges for Catholic Schools in Thailand
Martin Komolmas
39. Challenges for the

Kim, Mijung - Biology Education for Social and Sustainable Development, ebook

Biology Education for Social and Sustainable Development

Kim, Mijung


Biology for Non-Majors at the University of the Philippines Diliman Extension Program in Pampanga (Updepp)
Nenita M. Dayrit
13. An Assessment of the Pantabangan Reforestation, Livelihood and Other Community Involvement Projects of La Consolacion College of