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Nasu, Hitoshi - New Technologies and the Law of Armed Conflict, ebook

New Technologies and the Law of Armed Conflict

Nasu, Hitoshi


Anticipating the Biological Proliferation Threat of Nanotechnology: Challenges for International Arms Control Regimes
Margaret E. Kosal
11. Nanotechnology and Military Attacks on Photosynthesis
Thomas Faunce
Part V. Unmanned Technologies
12. Unmanned

Butt, Simon - Asia-Pacific Disaster Management, ebook

Asia-Pacific Disaster Management

Butt, Simon


Managing Future Disasters: Japan’s Energy Security and Nanotechnology Regulation
Hitoshi Nasu
7. The March 2011 Tohoku Disaster in Japanese Science Fiction
Rebecca Suter
8. BRR Aceh–Nias: Post-Disaster Reconstruction Governance
Tjokorda Nirarta