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Ally, Mohamed - Mobile and Ubiquitous Learning, ebook

Mobile and Ubiquitous Learning

Ally, Mohamed


Mindfulness in Mobile and Ubiquitous Learning: Harnessing the Power of Attention
Agnieszka Palalas
3. An Analysis of Adult Language Learning in Informal Settings and the Role of Mobile Learning
Gráinne Conole, Pascual Pérez Paredes
4. Opening Real

Blum, Werner - Mathematical Modelling and Applications, ebook

Mathematical Modelling and Applications

Blum, Werner


Crossing Boundaries in Mathematical Modelling and Applications Educational Research and Practice
Gloria Ann Stillman, Werner Blum, Gabriele Kaiser
Part I. New Approaches in Research, Teaching and Practice from Crossing Boundaries
2. Mathematical Modelling

Akhgar, Babak - Community Policing - A European Perspective, ebook

Community Policing - A European Perspective

Akhgar, Babak


Table of contents
1. Introduction
P. Saskia Bayerl, Babak Akhgar, Ruža Karlović, Garik Markarian
Part I. CP Context and Processes
2. Community Policing in Support of Social Cohesion
Ines Sučić, Ruža Karlović
3. ‘One for All and All for One’: Fostering Accountability in Community Policing

Huang, Ronghuai - Reshaping Learning, ebook

Reshaping Learning

Huang, Ronghuai


Augmented Reality and Education: Applications and Potentials
Steve Chi-Yin Yuen, Gallayanee Yaoyuneyong, Erik Johnson
18. Facilitating Complex Learning by Mobile Augmented Reality Learning Environments
Dirk Ifenthaler,