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Lazić, Vesna - Brussels Ibis Regulation, ebook

Brussels Ibis Regulation

Lazić, Vesna


The Revised Lis Pendens Rules in the Brussels Ibis Regulation
Christian Heinze, Björn Steinrötter
2. The Party Autonomy Paradigm: European and Global Developments on Choice of Forum
Xandra Kramer, Erlis Themeli
3. Procedural Position of a ‘Weaker

Black, Paul - The Challenge of Teaching, ebook

The Challenge of Teaching

Black, Paul


Table of contents
Part I. Background to the Book
1. Listen to the Voice of Pre-service Teachers
Gretchen Geng, Paul Black, Pamela Smith
2. Issues in the Teaching Practicum
Jenny Buckworth
3. The Importance of ‘SELF’
Gary Fry
4. Teachers as Reflective Practitioners
Pamela Smith, Gretchen