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Gupta-Bhowon, Minu - Chemistry Education in the ICT Age, ebook

Chemistry Education in the ICT Age

Gupta-Bhowon, Minu


“Jeopardy” in the Inorganic Classroom - Teaching Descriptive Chemistry Using a Television Game Show Format
J. Van Houten
4. Teaching Thermodynamic Relations Using a Story and Two-Dimensional Cartesian Coordinate System

Gilbert, John K. - Multiple Representations in Chemical Education, ebook

Multiple Representations in Chemical Education

Gilbert, John K.


Linking the Macroscopic, Sub-microscopic and~Symbolic Levels: The Case of Inorganic Qualitative Analysis
Kim Chwee Daniel Tan, Ngoh Khang Goh, Lian Sai Chia, David F. Treagust
8. The Efficacy of an Alternative Instructional Programme Designed to Enhance Secondary