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Iancu, Bogdan - Legislative Delegation, ebook

Legislative Delegation

Iancu, Bogdan


The Genealogy of the Concept of Delegation: Constitutional Presuppositions
Bogdan Iancu
3. The Constitutional History of Delegation: Rules and Changes
Bogdan Iancu
4. Delegation and Contemporary Implications: The Erosion of Normative Limits

Hager, Paul - Recovering Informal Learning, ebook

Recovering Informal Learning

Hager, Paul


A Brief Genealogy Of Lifelong Learning
3. Origins Of A Mistake
4. Opportunity And Contingency
5. Rethinking Learning
6. The Importance Of Contextuality For Learning
7. The Idea Of Practice
8. The Idea Of Judgement
9. Wisdom

Nadesan, Majia Holmer - Governing Childhood into the 21st Century, ebook

Governing Childhood into the 21st Century

Nadesan, Majia Holmer


Table of contents
1. Introduction to Biopolitics, Risk, and Childhood
Majia Holmer Nadesan
2. A Genealogy of Family Life and Childhood Governance
Majia Holmer Nadesan
3. Risk, Biopolitics, and Bioeconomics
Majia Holmer Nadesan
4. Biopolitical Sorting: Comparing Neoliberal and Social Welfare Problem-Solution

Turner, Elizabeth R. - Public Confidence in Criminal Justice, ebook

Public Confidence in Criminal Justice

Turner, Elizabeth R.


Table of contents
1. Public Confidence in Criminal Justice: What’s the Problem?
Elizabeth R. Turner
2. Constructing Public Confidence: A Chronology of the Research Agenda
Elizabeth R. Turner
3. Deconstructing Public Confidence: The Public Confidence Agenda as a Governmental Project
Elizabeth R. Turner

Cho, Jinhyun - English Language Ideologies in Korea, ebook

English Language Ideologies in Korea

Cho, Jinhyun


The Genealogy of English in Korea
Jinhyun Cho
4. The Perpetuation of Linguistic Insecurities in Neoliberal Personhood
Jinhyun Cho
5. Fashioning Selves: Gender Bias in Language and Mobility
Jinhyun Cho
6. Adding Value to Language Proficiency:

Taieb, Si Belkacem - Decolonizing Indigenous Education, ebook

Decolonizing Indigenous Education

Taieb, Si Belkacem


Table of contents
1. Introduction: My Story Begins
Si Belkacem Taieb
2. Journey into My Land
Si Belkacem Taieb
3. My Auto-Ethnographic Narratives
Si Belkacem Taieb
4. A Genealogy that Connects Me to the Land
Si Belkacem Taieb
5. My Experience in Kabylia
Si Belkacem Taieb
6. Ideologies

Walls, Fiona - Mathematical Subjects, ebook

Mathematical Subjects

Walls, Fiona


Of Archaeology, and Genealogy: Choosing Sites and Tools
Fiona Walls
4. Children at Work
Fiona Walls
5. Tests and Contests
Fiona Walls
6. Error and Correction
Fiona Walls
7. The Emergence of Ability
Fiona Walls
8. Form and Formula

Spencer, Brenda L. - Canadian Education, ebook

Canadian Education

Spencer, Brenda L.


Towards a Genealogy of Academic Freedom in Canadian Universities1
Kenneth D. Gariepy
8. A Retrospective Look at the Social Construction of ‘Skilled’ Immigrant Workers in Ontario
Michelle P. Goldberg
9. Counting in, Counting Out, and Accounting For

Grear, Anna - Redirecting Human Rights, ebook

Redirecting Human Rights

Grear, Anna


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Anna Grear
2. Human Rights under Pressure?
Anna Grear
3. Corporate Human Rights?
Anna Grear
4. Law, Persons and Disembodiment
Anna Grear
5. The Liberal Subject of Rights, Capitalism and the Corporation
Anna Grear
6. A Genealogy of Quasi-Disembodiment