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Oakwater, Helen - Bubble Wrapped Children, ebook

Bubble Wrapped Children

Oakwater, Helen


Numerous reasons cause adopted teenagers to reconnect with their birth family via Facebook, creating new challenges for adoption today and tomorrow. Incorporating theory, practice, anecdotes, metaphors, diagrams, models and case studies, this accessible book, written by an experienced adopter,

Browne, Joy - Dating For Dummies, ebook

Dating For Dummies

Browne, Joy


With new and updated content, Dating For Dummies, 3rd Edition includes all the information you'll need for navigating the contemporary, social media driven dating scene where women and men Google potential dates beforehand, Tweet after, and even meet on Facebook.

Jain, Garima - Internet Infidelity, ebook

Internet Infidelity

Jain, Garima


User Control Over Personal Information: A Case Study of Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat
Indranath Gupta
3. Adultery in the Age of Technology: Complexities and Methodological Challenges in Studying Internet Infidelity
Garima Jain, Shilpita Sen
4. Cultural

Chan, Chi-Keung - New Ecology for Education — Communication X Learning, ebook

New Ecology for Education — Communication X Learning

Chan, Chi-Keung


Table of contents
1. A New Ecology for Education: Refocusing Educational Technology Beyond Content
Brad Hokanson
Part I. New Trends in Educational Technology
2. Are Social Media Alternatives to Learning Management Systems When Teaching Online?
Ana-Paula Correia
3. MOOCs in China: A Review of Literature,

Gutwirth, Serge - Data Protection in a Profiled World, ebook

Data Protection in a Profiled World

Gutwirth, Serge


Table of contents
1. About the E-Privacy Directive: Towards a Third Generation of Data Protection Legislation?
Yves Poullet
2. Some Caveats on Profiling
Serge Gutwirth, Mireille Hildebrandt
3. Levelling up: Data Privacy and the European Court of Human Rights
Gordon Nardell QC
4. Responding to the Inevitable

Gutwirth, Serge - Reloading Data Protection, ebook

Reloading Data Protection

Gutwirth, Serge


The Cost of Using Facebook: Assigning Value to Privacy Protection on Social Network Sites Against Data Mining, Identity Theft, and Social Conflict
Wouter Martinus Petrus Steijn
16. Strong Accountability: Beyond Vague Promises
Denis Butin, Marcos Chicote,