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Gordon, Mordechai - Humor, Laughter and Human Flourishing, ebook

Humor, Laughter and Human Flourishing

Gordon, Mordechai


Freud, Dreams, and Humor: A Phenomenological Perspective
Mordechai Gordon
5. Friendship, Intimacy, and Humor
Mordechai Gordon
6. The Educational Significance of Aesthetic Humor
Mordechai Gordon
7. Learning to Laugh at Ourselves: Humor, Self-Transcendence,

Varma, Ved Prakash - The Inner Life of Children with Special Needs, ebook

The Inner Life of Children with Special Needs

Varma, Ved Prakash


Most children have interesting interior lives that contain dreams, fantasies, hopes, fears, beliefs and their unconscious lives. This can be inferred from their preoccupations, stories, plays, games, conversations and behaviour. Because many children with special needs are emotionally confused,

Lacy, Tim - The Dream of a Democratic Culture, ebook

The Dream of a Democratic Culture

Lacy, Tim


Diminished Dreams: Great Books in an Age of Crisis, Fracture, and Transition, 1968–1977
Tim Lacy
8. “The Poobah of Popularizers”: Paideia, Pluralism, and the Culture Wars, 1978–1988
Tim Lacy
9. “The Most Rancorous Cultural War”: Bloom, Adler,