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Parry, Sharon - Disciplines and Doctorates, ebook

Disciplines and Doctorates

Parry, Sharon


Table of contents
Part 1. Knowledge-Making in Doctoral Programs
1. Introduction
Sharon Parry
2. Doctoral Study and Disciplinary Learning
Sharon Parry
3. Socialisation
Sharon Parry
Part 2. Learning in Knowledge-Making Cultures

Stein, Mary Kay - Instructional Explanations in the Disciplines, ebook

Instructional Explanations in the Disciplines

Stein, Mary Kay


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Explaining Instructional Explanations
Gaea Leinhardt
2. What Kind of Explanation is a Model?
Richard Lehrer, Leona Schauble
3. Learning, Identity, and Instructional Explanations
Jorge Larreamendy-Joerns,…

Millei, Zsuzsa - Interrupting the Psy-Disciplines in Education, ebook

Interrupting the Psy-Disciplines in Education

Millei, Zsuzsa


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Eva Bendix Petersen, Zsuzsa Millei
2. ‘Silences’ in the ‘Inclusive’ Early Childhood Classroom: Sustaining a ‘Taboo’
Karen Watson
3. Binds of Professionalism: Attachment in Australian and…

Perkins, David - Future Wise: Educating Our Children for a Changing World, ebook

Future Wise: Educating Our Children for a Changing World

Perkins, David


Understand how learners use knowledge in life after graduationLearn strategies for teaching critical thinking and addressing big questionsIdentify top priorities when it comes to disciplines and content areasGain curriculum design skills that make the most of learning