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Cocks, Neil - Higher Education Discourse and Deconstruction, ebook

Higher Education Discourse and Deconstruction

Cocks, Neil


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Transparency and Objecthood
Neil Cocks
2. ‘[…] Not much like a Grove […]’: Openness, Object, and Agora in ‘The Lecherous Professor Revisited’ by Diane Purkiss
Neil Cocks
3. Therapy and…

Lazere, Donald - Why Higher Education Should Have a Leftist Bias, ebook

Why Higher Education Should Have a Leftist Bias

Lazere, Donald


Right-Wing Deconstruction: Mimicry and False Equivalencies
Donald Lazere
7. From Partisan Review to Fox News: Neoconservatives as Defenders of Intellectual Standards
Donald Lazere
8. Conservative Scholarship: Seeing the Object as It Really Isn’t

Brewer, John D. - Peace Processes: A Sociological Approach, ebook

Peace Processes: A Sociological Approach

Brewer, John D.


While complementing current approaches that emphasize institutional reform in politics, law and economics, it pays due attention to sociological factors such as gender, civil society, religion, the deconstruction of violent masculinities, restorative justice, emotions,

Gutwirth, Serge - Reloading Data Protection, ebook

Reloading Data Protection

Gutwirth, Serge


Stage ahoy! Deconstruction of the “Drunken Pirate” Case in the Light of Impression Management
Paulan Korenhof
Part III. Surveillance and Law Enforcement
6. New Surveillance, New Penology and New Resistance: Towards the Criminalisation of Resistance?