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Moran, Jon - Crime and Corruption in New Democracies, ebook

Crime and Corruption in New Democracies

Moran, Jon


Democratisation and the Decentralisation of Crime and Corruption
Jon Moran
3. Democratisation and Political Corruption: Bringing Politics Back In
Jon Moran
4. Learning to Live without Fear: Organised Crime and Democratisation
Jon Moran
5. Violent

Harber, Clive - Schooling in Sub-Saharan Africa, ebook

Schooling in Sub-Saharan Africa

Harber, Clive


Educational Management, Decentralisation and Privatisation
Clive Harber
9. Violence in Schools
Clive Harber
10. Special Educational Needs and Inclusion
Clive Harber
11. Educational Outcomes
Clive Harber
12. Contextual Differences in

Grossman, David L. - Citizenship Curriculum in Asia and the Pacific, ebook

Citizenship Curriculum in Asia and the Pacific

Grossman, David L.


Citizenship Discourse in the Context of Decentralisation: The Case of Indonesia
Mary Fearnley-Sander, Ella Yulaelawati
8. The Building of a Nation and Ideas of Nationhood: Citizenship Education in Malaysia
Ibrahim Ahmad Bajunid
9. Political Pragmatism

Majhanovich, Suzanne - Economics, Aid and Education, ebook

Economics, Aid and Education

Majhanovich, Suzanne


Table of contents
1. Economics, Aid and Education
Suzanne Majhanovich, Macleans A. Geo-JaJa
Part I. The Politics of Aid and Development
2. The Economics of Aid
Steven J. Klees, Omar Qargha
3. The New Geopolitics of Educational Aid
Mario Novelli
4. Aid in Education
Rukhsana Zia
5. Critical

Tan, Charlene - Learning from Shanghai, ebook

Learning from Shanghai

Tan, Charlene


Balancing Decentralisation with Centralisation
Charlene Tan
9. Autonomy and Accountability: The School Appraisal System
Charlene Tan
10. Testing Times: Exams as Means of Central Control
Charlene Tan
11. Examining the Exam Papers