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Fitzpatrick, Sue - The Clinical Trial Protocol, ebook

The Clinical Trial Protocol

Fitzpatrick, Sue


This monograph is a ‘must’ for everyone involved in clinical research that uses a protocol whether they are writing, critiquing or reviewing it for feasibility. Please note: Printing of the book is limited to 2 pages. Copying

Glenny, Helen - The ICR Guide to Freelancing, Second Edition, ebook

The ICR Guide to Freelancing, Second Edition

Glenny, Helen


Working on a freelance basis is becoming increasingly common in clinical research and ICR is often approached with questions about freelancing: What opportunities are available? What are the risks and the benefits? The ICR Freelance Forum was formed

Parrott, Adrian M - Assertiveness, Negotiating & Influencing Skills, ebook

Assertiveness, Negotiating & Influencing Skills

Parrott, Adrian M


This monograph about assertiveness, influencing and negotiation skills has been written to allow you to examine your own behaviour in situations and how you can control your behaviour and response in situations that may be uncomfortable to you. It…

Hayes, Gareth - Communication and Presentation Skills, ebook

Communication and Presentation Skills

Hayes, Gareth


This book covers communication and presentation skills in a professional setting. It covers areas of first impressions, body language, listening skills, interviews, methods of communication, presentations, future trends and other topics. The author…

Burmester, Jo - Managing your own professional development, ebook

Managing your own professional development

Burmester, Jo


What is CPD? Continuous professional development has evolved as a requirement for many professions and employers are asking for evidence of competencies and skills. CPD is not only about certificates and qualifications, it's about learning from day to…

Cowie, Bronwen - A Companion to Research in Teacher Education, ebook

A Companion to Research in Teacher Education

Cowie, Bronwen


A Companion to Research in Teacher Education
Ian Menter, Michael A. Peters, Bronwen Cowie
Part I. Becoming a Teacher: Teacher Education and Professionalism
2. Developing the Thoughtful Practitioner
Donald Gillies
3. Variations in the Conditions for