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Rossi, Ugo - Cities in Global Capitalism, ebook

Cities in Global Capitalism

Rossi, Ugo


In what ways are cities central to the evolution of contemporary global capitalism? And in what ways is global capitalism forged by the urban experience? This book provides a response to these questions, exploring the multifaceted dimensions of the city-capitalism

Held, David - Global Governance at Risk, ebook

Global Governance at Risk

Held, David

From 26,75€

Since 2007 the world has lurched from one crisis to the next. The rise of new powers, the collapse of our global financial system, the proliferation of nuclear weapons and crisis in the Eurozone have led to a build up of risks that is likely to provoke…

Kingston, Jeff - Japan, ebook


Kingston, Jeff


Japan, anchored by its traditions, transformed by American post-war Occupation, and globally recognized for its technological innovations, manufacturing prowess, and pop culture, faces powerful challenges from within and without. How Japan chooses to…

Dauvergne, Peter - Will Big Business Destroy Our Planet?, ebook

Will Big Business Destroy Our Planet?

Dauvergne, Peter


Walmart. Coca-Cola. BP. Toyota. The world economy runs on the profits of transnational corporations. Politicians need their backing. Non-profit organizations rely on their philanthropy. People look to their brands for meaning. And their power continues…

Small, Robin - Karl Marx, ebook

Karl Marx

Small, Robin


Table of contents
1. The Education of an Educator
Robin Small
2. Marx’s Radical Turn
Robin Small
3. Capitalism and Education
Robin Small
4. The Politics of Schooling
Robin Small
5. Lessons from Marx
Robin Small

Garcia, Antero - Critical Foundations in Young Adult Literature, ebook

Critical Foundations in Young Adult Literature

Garcia, Antero


Table of contents
1. Reading Unease
Antero Garcia
2. Capitalism, Hollywood, and adult Appropriation of Young adult Literature
Antero Garcia
3. More Than Mango Street
Antero Garcia
4. Outsiders?
Antero Garcia
5. Gender and Sexuality and YA
Antero Garcia
6. Pedagogy of the Demonically