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Heringer, Rosana - Race, Politics, and Education in Brazil, ebook

Race, Politics, and Education in Brazil

Heringer, Rosana


Affirmative Action in Brazil: Achievements and Challenges
João Feres Júnior, Verônica Toste, Luiz Augusto Campos
10. The Defeat of Quotas within the Racial Equality Statute
Sales Augusto dos Santos, João Vitor Moreno, Dora Lúcia Bertulio

Jones, Ken - Education in Britain: 1944 to the Present, ebook

Education in Britain: 1944 to the Present

Jones, Ken


With a reach that extends from the primary school to the university, and from culture to politics and economics, Ken Jones explores the achievements and limits of post-war reform and the egalitarian aspirations of the 1960s and 1970s. He registers the impact of the

Murray, Neil - Dynamic Ecologies, ebook

Dynamic Ecologies

Murray, Neil


Recognising the Diversity of Learner Achievements in Learning Asian Languages in School Education Settings
Angela Scarino
10. Dealing with ‘Chinese Fever’: The Challenge of Chinese Teaching in the Australian Classroom
Andrew Scrimgeour
11. The Teaching

Andenas, Mads - Regulating and Supervising European Financial Markets, ebook

Regulating and Supervising European Financial Markets

Andenas, Mads


Table of contents
1. More Risks than Achievements?
Mads Andenas, Gudula Deipenbrock
Part I. The European System of Financial Supervision as Originally Introduced from the Institutional Perspective: Selected Aspects from the European, Comparative Law and Economic View
2. The European Securities and Markets Authority