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Stasi, Alessandro - General Principles of Thai Private Law, ebook

General Principles of Thai Private Law

Stasi, Alessandro


Table of contents
1. General Rules of Thai Private Law
Alessandro Stasi
2. The Law of Obligations
Alessandro Stasi
3. Specific Contracts
Alessandro Stasi
4. Property Law
Alessandro Stasi
5. Family Law
Alessandro Stasi
6. Law of Inheritance
Alessandro Stasi

Harman, Grant - Reforming Higher Education in Vietnam, ebook

Reforming Higher Education in Vietnam

Harman, Grant


Table of contents
1. Higher Education in Vietnam: Reform, Challenges and Priorities
Grant Harman, Martin Hayden, Pham Thanh Nghi
2. Vietnam’s Higher Education System
Martin Hayden, Lam Quang Thiep
3. Higher Education in Vietnam 1986–1998: Education in Transition to a New Era?
Elizabeth St. George

Rowley, Jennifer - ePortfolios in Australian Universities, ebook

ePortfolios in Australian Universities

Rowley, Jennifer


ePortfolios, Assessment and Professional Skills in the Medical Sciences
Patsie Polly, Richard Vickery, Thuan Thai, Jia-Lin Yang, Thomas Fath, Cristan Herbert, Nicole Jones, Trevor Lewis, Nalini Pather, Suzanne Schibeci, Julian Cox
5. ePortfolios and the Development

Buasuwan, Prompilai - Asia Pacific Graduate Education, ebook

Asia Pacific Graduate Education

Buasuwan, Prompilai


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Situating Graduate Education in a Rapidly Changing Higher Education Environment
Deane E. Neubauer, Prompilai Buasuwan
Part I. Changing Dynamics of Asia Pacific Graduate Education
2. The Expansion of Cross-Border Graduate Education in the Asia Pacific: Developmental and Financial

Cortazzi, Martin - Researching Cultures of Learning, ebook

Researching Cultures of Learning

Cortazzi, Martin


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Researching Cultures of Learning
Martin Cortazzi, Lixian Jin
Part 1. Some Issues of Research and Its Application
2. Cultures of Learning: An Evolving Concept and an Expanding Field
Yuan Yuan, Qun Xie
3. Comparing Learning Characteristics in Chinese and Anglophone Cultures:

Taylor, Neil - Health Education in Context, ebook

Health Education in Context

Taylor, Neil


Table of contents
1. Health Education in Context
Neil Taylor, Frances Quinn, Michael Littledyke, Richard K. Coll
2. Whole School Approaches to Health Promotion
Sereana Tagivakatini, Temo K. Waqanivalu
3. Health Education in The Sultanate of Oman
Abdullah Ambusaidi, Sulaiman Al-Balushi
4. Health Education

Collins, Christopher S. - The Palgrave Handbook of Asia Pacific Higher Education, ebook

The Palgrave Handbook of Asia Pacific Higher Education

Collins, Christopher S.


Table of contents
Part I. Asian Higher Education in the Era of Contemporary Globalization: Introduction
1. Framing Essay Education in the Asia-Pacific Region: Historical Context
John N. Hawkins
2. A Journey Back to the Center: Asian Higher Education in Global Context
Sheng-Ju Chan
3. Asian Higher Education: