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Galparsoro, José Ignacio - Reflections on Naturalism, ebook

Reflections on Naturalism

Galparsoro, José Ignacio


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Alberto Cordero, José Ignacio Galparsoro
2. Metaphilosophy, Folk-Philosophy and Naturalized Philosophy
José Ignacio Galparsoro
3. Naturalism and the Mind
Pablo Quintanilla
4. Measuring Morality
Jesse Prinz
5. Naturalism and Scientific Realism*

Sellers, Mortimer - The Rule of Law in Comparative Perspective, ebook

The Rule of Law in Comparative Perspective

Sellers, Mortimer


Some Realism About Legal Certainty in the Globalization of the Rule of Law
James R. Maxeiner
5. Is Goal-Based Regulation Consistent with the Rule of Law?
S.J.A. ter Borg, W.S.R. Stoter
6. Reflections on Shakespeare and the Rule of Law
Robert W.

Bagley, Christopher Adam - Equality and Ethnic Identities, ebook

Equality and Ethnic Identities

Bagley, Christopher Adam


Critical Realism and Dialectical Critical Realism
Alice Akoshia Ayikaaley Sawyerr, Christopher Adam Bagley
4. Child-Centred Humanism (CCH)
Alice Akoshia Ayikaaley Sawyerr, Christopher Adam Bagley
5. Equality and Ethnicity in England 1968 to 2008

Irzik, Gürol - Philosophy, Science, Education and Culture, ebook

Philosophy, Science, Education and Culture

Irzik, Gürol


Scientific Realism and Modelling Reality
Part 3. The Postmodernist Impasse
11. Sociology Versus Rationality in Science
12. Lyotard,Postmodernism and Education
Part 4. Science Education, Culture and Politics
13. Multiculturalism and Science Education

Siltala, Raimo - Law, Truth, and Reason, ebook

Law, Truth, and Reason

Siltala, Raimo


Legal Realism: The Law in Action, Not the Law in Books, As the Subject Matter of Legal Analysis
Raimo Siltala
8. Legal Conventionalism: Law as an Expression of Collective Intentionality
Raimo Siltala
9. “Die Rechtssätze in ihrem systematischen Zusammenhang

Buchholtz, Mirosława - Alice Munro, ebook

Alice Munro

Buchholtz, Mirosława


‘Shockingly Like, and Unlike, Home’: Gothic Realism in the Progress of Love
Tomasz Sikora
Part II. Adapting
6. Hateship Loveship, Adaptation
Ewa Bodal, Nelly Strehlau
7. Del Jordan: Becoming a Writer
Emilia Leszczyńska

Clark, Stephen R.L. - Understanding Faith, ebook

Understanding Faith

Clark, Stephen R.L.

From 15,05€

Writing both as a philosopher and an Anglican Christian, Professor Clark explores this initial perception, considering such topics as the alleged openness of ‘scientists’ compared with the ‘dogmatism’ of ‘believers’; the difficulty of reading ‘scripture’ outside ‘the community of faith’

Lieberman, Ann - The Roots of Educational Change, ebook

The Roots of Educational Change

Lieberman, Ann


Table of contents
1. Introduction: The Growth of Educational Change as a Field of Study: Understanding its Roots and Branches
Ann Lieberman
I:. The Roots
2. World War II and Schools
Seymour B. Sarason
3. Finding Keys to School Change: A 40-Year Odyssey
Matthew B. Miles
4. Listening and Learning

Hager, Paul - Graduate Attributes, Learning and Employability, ebook

Graduate Attributes, Learning and Employability

Hager, Paul


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Paul Hager, Susan Holland
2. Nature And Development of Generic Attributes
Paul Hager
3. Graduate Attributes in an Age of Uncertainty
Ronald Barnett
4. Graduate Attributes and Changing Conceptions of Learning
Christopher Winch
5. Graduate Employability and Lifelong