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Kasper, Gabriele - Assessing Second Language Pragmatics, ebook

Assessing Second Language Pragmatics

Kasper, Gabriele


Assessing second language pragmatics: An overview and introductions
Gabriele Kasper, Steven J. Ross
Part I. Approaches to Assessing Pragmatic Competence
2. Testing implicature under operational conditions
Carsten Roever
3. A video-based method of

Atkinson, Dennis - Art, Disobedience, and Ethics, ebook

Art, Disobedience, and Ethics

Atkinson, Dennis


Introduction: The Pragmatics and Ethics of the Suddenly Possible
Dennis Atkinson
2. Restoring Pedagogic Work to the Incipience and Immanence of Learning: Disobedient Pedagogies
Dennis Atkinson
3. Spinoza and the Challenge of Building a Life

Anderman, Gunilla - Audiovisual Translation, ebook

Audiovisual Translation

Anderman, Gunilla


Teaching Screen Translation: The Role of Pragmatics in Subtitling
Erik Skuggevik
16. Pedagogical Tools for the Training of Subtitlers
Christopher Taylor
17. Teaching Subtitling in a Virtual Environment
Francesca Bartrina
18. Subtitling: Language

Heidkamp, Birte - Forschendes Lernen 2.0, ebook

Forschendes Lernen 2.0

Heidkamp, Birte


Table of contents
1. Einleitung
David Kergel, Birte Heidkamp
Teil I. Perspektivierung – Forschendes Lernen zwischen Globalisierung und medialem Wandel
2. Forschendes Lernen zwischen Postmoderne und Globalisierung
David Kergel, Rolf Dieter Hepp
3. Der ‚Digital Turn‘ – Von der Gutenberg-Galaxis zur

Pawlak, Mirosław - Classroom-Oriented Research, ebook

Classroom-Oriented Research

Pawlak, Mirosław


Interlanguage Pragmatics of EFL Advanced Learners: Insights from a Longitudinal Study into the Development of the Speech Act of Request in the Polish Context
Anna Szczepaniak-Kozak
14. New Technologies and the ‘Wow’ Factor: Investigating the Relationship

Reid, Alan D. - A Companion to Research in Education, ebook

A Companion to Research in Education

Reid, Alan D.


The Logic of Causal Investigations and the Rhetoric and Pragmatics of Research Planning
Melvin M. Mark
23. Theory, Practice and the Philosophy of Educational Action Research in New Light
Marianna Papastephanou
24. Immanent Transcendence in Educational