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Strohl, Kingman P. - Competencies in Sleep Medicine, ebook

Competencies in Sleep Medicine

Strohl, Kingman P.


Table of contents
1. Sleep Medicine and Competency Training
Kingman P. Strohl
2. Neurophysiology of Sleep
Thomas E. Dick, Pingfu Feng
3. Pharmacology of Sleep Medicine
Reena Mehra, Kingman P. Strohl
4. Sleep and Organ Physiology

Arndt, Katrina - Foundations of Disability Studies, ebook

Foundations of Disability Studies

Arndt, Katrina


Toward a Postcolonial Neurology: Autism, Tito Mukhopadhyay, and a New Geo-Poetics of the Body
Ralph James Savarese
8. (Im)Material Citizens: Cognitive Disability, Race, and the Politics of Citizenship
Nirmala Erevelles