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Muijs, Daniel - Collaboration and Networking in Education, ebook

Collaboration and Networking in Education

Muijs, Daniel


Localised Theories of Networking and Collaboration
Daniel Muijs, Mel Ainscow, Chris Chapman, Mel West
4. Societal Theories of Networking and Collaboration
Daniel Muijs, Mel Ainscow, Chris Chapman, Mel West
5. Towards

Lamy, Marie-Noëlle - Social Networking for Language Education, ebook

Social Networking for Language Education

Lamy, Marie-Noëlle


An Ecological Analysis of Social Networking Site-Mediated Identity Development
Jonathon Reinhardt, Hsin-I Chen
3. Architecture Students’ Appropriation of Avatars — Relationships between Avatar Identity and L2 Verbal Participation and Interaction

Hatch, Lisa Zimmer - Paralegal Career For Dummies, ebook

Paralegal Career For Dummies

Hatch, Lisa Zimmer


Paralegal Career For Dummies will be your trusty assistant through all phases of your life as a paralegal, taking you forward with tips on networking and joining professional organizations that will enhance your career. Discover the job skills required for success

Harreveld, Bobby - Deschooling L’earning, ebook

Deschooling L’earning

Harreveld, Bobby


Table of contents
1. Classrooms Need Not Interfere with L’earning
Michael Singh, Bobby Harreveld
2. Disenchantment with Classroom-Centric Schooling
Michael Singh, Bobby Harreveld
3. Brokering Capital-Friendly L’earning Webs
Michael Singh, Bobby Harreveld
4. Networking Policy for Deschooling L’earning

Rottmann, Verena S. - Karriereplanung für Juristen, ebook

Karriereplanung für Juristen

Rottmann, Verena S.


Table of contents
1. Gute Gründe für eine juristische Ausbildung
2. Auf die Planung kommt es an
3. Einstiegsmöglichkeiten in die „klassischen“ Juristenberufe
4. Neue Berufsperspektiven für Juristen
5. Firmen- und Behördenprofile
6. Mit “Networking” zum Erfolg
7. Die ultimative Bewerbung

Bikner-Ahsbahs, Angelika - Theories in and of Mathematics Education, ebook

Theories in and of Mathematics Education

Bikner-Ahsbahs, Angelika


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Angelika Bikner-Ahsbahs
2. Theories in Mathematics Education as a Scientific Discipline
Angelika Bikner-Ahsbahs, Andreas Vohns
3. Joachim Lompscher and His Activity Theory Approach Focusing on the Concept of Learning Activity and How It Influences Contemporary Research in

Thomas, Michael - Digital Education, ebook

Digital Education

Thomas, Michael


Educational Networking in the Digital Age
Cristina Costa
6. Integrating Digital Technologies in Education: A Model for Negotiating Change and Resistance to Change
Thomas Berger, Michael Thomas
Part II. Applying Digital Education
7. Virtual Learning

Gray, Tracy - Breakthrough Teaching and Learning, ebook

Breakthrough Teaching and Learning

Gray, Tracy


The Power of Social Networking for Professional Development
Elizabeth Bonsignore, Derek Hansen, April Galyardt, Turadg Aleahmad, Steve Hargadon
4. What Can Technology Learn from the Brain?
David H. Rose, Scott Lapinski
5. The Potential of Social Media