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Trout, Muffet - Making the Moment Matter, ebook

Making the Moment Matter

Trout, Muffet


Table of contents
Part I.
1. Relationships, Teaching, and Learning
Muffet Trout
2. How Do We Work with Beginning Teachers?
Muffet Trout
3. How Do We Relate with Care?
Muffet Trout
Part II.
4. Ready…

Antaki, Mark - Sensing the Nation's Law, ebook

Sensing the Nation's Law

Antaki, Mark


Appreciation or Appropriation? An Indigenous Moment in the American Numismatic Narrative (1999–2009)
Sarah Marusek
10. Internormative Gastronomies: Law, Nation and Identity
Richard Mohr, Nadirsyah Hosen
Part V. Consensus
11. Aesthetic Mediation:

McCurley, Loui - Falls from Height: A Guide to Rescue Planning, ebook

Falls from Height: A Guide to Rescue Planning

McCurley, Loui


This essential book for safety managers and planners aids the employer in making informed decisions in advance about the who, what, when, and how of emergency rescue in the critical first moments following an accidental fall.

Li, Liang - Studying Babies and Toddlers, ebook

Studying Babies and Toddlers

Li, Liang


Transitory Moments as “Affective Moments of Action” in Toddler Play
Gloria Quiñones, Liang Li, Avis Ridgway
13. Relations of Dynamic Aspects of Motives in Infant-Toddler’s Play: Enhance Small Science Learning Experience
Shukla Sikder
14. Emotional

Klau, Max - Race and Social Change: A Quest, A Study, A Call to Action, ebook

Race and Social Change: A Quest, A Study, A Call to Action

Klau, Max


Readers will: Review a long tradition of classic, provocative social science experiments and learn how the study presented here extends that tradition into new and unexplored territory Engage with findings from years of research that reveal insights into dynamics of race and social change unfolding simultaneously

Matthews, Michael R. - History, Philosophy and Science Teaching, ebook

History, Philosophy and Science Teaching

Matthews, Michael R.


About the Psychological and Logical Moment in Natural Science Teaching (1890)
Ernst Mach
Part III. Curriculum Development and Justification
8. Scientific Knowledge as a Culture: A Paradigm for Meaningful Teaching and Learning of Science
Igal Galili