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Jones, Greg - Learning Games, ebook

Learning Games

Jones, Greg


Before Learning with Games: What Are They, Where Do They Come From, Should I Use or Design Them, and How Can I Start From an Ethical Mindset?
2. What Is (and Is Not) a Learning Game?
Scott J. Warren, Greg Jones
3. Why and How Can Games Influence Learning?

Burton, John - Gamification in Learning and Education, ebook

Gamification in Learning and Education

Burton, John


Table of contents
1. Beginning of Journey
Sangkyun Kim, Kibong Song, Barbara Lockee, John Burton
2. Engagement and Fun
Sangkyun Kim, Kibong Song, Barbara Lockee, John Burton
3. What Is a Game?
Sangkyun Kim, Kibong Song, Barbara Lockee, John Burton
4. What is Gamification in Learning and Education?

Billett, Stephen - Learning Through Practice, ebook

Learning Through Practice

Billett, Stephen


The Practices of Learning through Occupations
Stephen Billett
5. Objectual Practice and Learning in Professional Work
Monika Nerland, Karen Jensen
6. Learning through and about Practice: A Lifeworld Perspective

Cress, Ulrike - The Psychology of Digital Learning, ebook

The Psychology of Digital Learning

Cress, Ulrike


The Physiology of Numerical Learning: From Neural Correlates to Embodied Trainings
Ursula Fischer, Elise Klein, Tanja Dackermann, Korbinian Moeller
3. Digital Pictures, Videos, and Beyond: Knowledge Acquisition with Realistic Images
Stephan Schwan

Ifenthaler, Dirk - Digital Workplace Learning, ebook

Digital Workplace Learning

Ifenthaler, Dirk


Supporting Informal Workplace Learning Through Analytics
Clara Schumacher
Part II. Design, Implementation and Assessment for Digital Workplace Learning
5. Designing Competence Assessment in VET for a Digital Future
Julia Sangmeister, Esther Winther,