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Cao, Ngoc Anh - Timber Trafficking in Vietnam, ebook

Timber Trafficking in Vietnam

Cao, Ngoc Anh


Convergence between Green Criminology and Security Studies: the Framework to Examine Timber Trafficking
Ngoc Anh Cao
3. The Environment and Forests in Vietnam
Ngoc Anh Cao
4. Timber Trafficking in Vietnam

Beirne, Piers - Murdering Animals, ebook

Murdering Animals

Beirne, Piers


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Rights for Whom?
Piers Beirne
2. Theriocide and Homicide
Piers Beirne
3. Hunting Worlds Turned Upside Down? Paulus Potter’s Life of a Hunter
Piers Beirne, Janine Janssen
4. On the Geohistory…

Brisman, Avi - Environmental Crime in Latin America, ebook

Environmental Crime in Latin America

Brisman, Avi


Table of contents
1. Introduction: The Theft of Nature and the Poisoning of the Land in Latin America
Avi Brisman, David Rodríguez Goyes, Hanneke Mol, Nigel South
Part I. Sociological Analyses of the Theft of Nature
2. The Environmental…

Schally, Jennifer L. - Legitimizing Corporate Harm, ebook

Legitimizing Corporate Harm

Schally, Jennifer L.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Jennifer L. Schally
2. Industrial Agriculture and Its Harms
Jennifer L. Schally
3. The Nature of Tyson’s Harms
Jennifer L. Schally
4. Contextualizing the “Socially Responsible” Corporation…

Centonze, Francesco - Historical Pollution, ebook

Historical Pollution

Centonze, Francesco


The Contribution of Green Criminology to the Analysis of Historical Pollution
Lorenzo Natali
3. Historical Pollution: In Search of a Legal Definition
Giuseppe Rotolo
4. Historical Pollution and the Prominence of

Mol, Hanneke - The Politics of Palm Oil Harm, ebook

The Politics of Palm Oil Harm

Mol, Hanneke


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Hanneke Mol
2. The Play of Power in the Politics of Harm
Hanneke Mol
3. Palm Oil in Colombia: National and Local Context
Hanneke Mol
4. Colombia’s Contested Grounds
Hanneke Mol