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Gordon, Mordechai - Humor, Laughter and Human Flourishing, ebook

Humor, Laughter and Human Flourishing

Gordon, Mordechai


Table of contents
1. The Case for a Humorous Philosophy of Education
Mordechai Gordon
2. Humor, Truth, and Human Existence
Mordechai Gordon
3. Camus’ Struggle with the Absurd: Rebellion as a Response to Nihilism
Mordechai Gordon
4. Freud, Dreams, and Humor: A Phenomenological Perspective

Samuels, Robert - Teaching the Rhetoric of Resistance, ebook

Teaching the Rhetoric of Resistance

Samuels, Robert


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Psychoanalytic Pedagogy, Cultural Defense Mechanisms, and Social Change
Robert Samuels
2. What’s a Concentration Camp, Dad?: Museums, Pedagogy, and the Rhetoric of Popular Culture
Robert Samuels
3. Remembering to Forget: Schindler’s List, Critical Pedagogy, and the Popular

Silberman, Marc - Memory and Postwar Memorials, ebook

Memory and Postwar Memorials

Silberman, Marc


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Florence Vatan, Marc Silberman
Part I. Competing Memories
2. The Nuremberg Trials as Cold War Competition: The Politics of the Historical Record and the International Stage
Francine Hirsch
3. The Cube on Red Square: A Memorial for the Victims of Twentieth-century Russia