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France, Bev - Bringing Communities Together, ebook

Bringing Communities Together

France, Bev


Working With Technologists on Technology Curriculum Development and Implementation
Vicki Compton, Bev France
6. The Role of the Royal Society of New Zealand in Making Connections
Richard Meylan, Joanna Leaman
7. Expanding the Capacity For Connection

Teentalk France Interviews

Teentalk France Interviews



Teentalk France Interviews esittelee 20 ranskalaista lukiolaista, joita haastatellaan erilaisista heidän elämäänsä, arkeensa ja harrastuksiinsa liittyvistä aiheista. Haastattelut on suunniteltu erityisesti kielenoppimisen tarpeisiin siten, että niistä on saatavilla sekä autenttinen,

Masson, Philippe - Sociology in France after 1945, ebook

Sociology in France after 1945

Masson, Philippe


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Philippe Masson, Cherry Schrecker
2. French Sociology before 1945: Philosophy, Institutions and Politics
Philippe Masson, Cherry Schrecker
3. American Influence and the Development of Disciplines (1945–1963)

Cudbird, Terry - Walking the Retreat, ebook

Walking the Retreat

Cudbird, Terry


He takes us back to the landscapes of Northern France in 1914 and explains how they have changed since that August one hundred years ago. He also reflects on the soldiers' origins and training, and their morale as they set out. This is not another military history

Jones, Eileen - Un, deux, trois! Lower Juniors Years 3-4, ebook

Un, deux, trois! Lower Juniors Years 3-4

Jones, Eileen


This is an essential resource for the non-specialist who needs extra guidance and accessible material. The book will meet the pressing needs of non-specialist KS2 teachers, who are new to teaching French, with an accessible and manageable format. It…

Caroli, Dorena - Day Nurseries & Childcare in Europe, 1800–1939, ebook

Day Nurseries & Childcare in Europe, 1800–1939

Caroli, Dorena


The Birth and Spread of Crèches in France Between the Second Republic and the Second World War
Dorena Caroli
2. The Development of Crèches (Presepi) in Italy Between Restoration and Unification
Dorena Caroli
3. Development of the Presepi from the

Zajda, Joseph - Decentralisation and Privatisation in Education, ebook

Decentralisation and Privatisation in Education

Zajda, Joseph


Privatisation, Decentralisation and Governance in Education in the Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, and Sweden
Holger Daun
5. Privatisation, Decentralisation, and Education in the United Kingdom: The Role of the State
David Turner
2. Focus

Green, Anthony - Blair’s Educational Legacy, ebook

Blair’s Educational Legacy

Green, Anthony


Table of contents
1. Blair and New Labour: Contexts, Legacies, and Prospects for Educating the Educators
Anthony Green
2. Education and the Crunch: Gloom and Opportunities
Patrick Ainley, Martin Allen
3. Education, Education, Education or Business, Business, Business?
Kevin Farnsworth
4. Valorisation