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Iverson, Susan Deventer - Feminist Community Engagement, ebook

Feminist Community Engagement

Iverson, Susan Deventer


Role Modeling Community Engagement for College Students: Narratives from Women Faculty and Staff of Color
Jasmine Mena, Annemarie Vaccaro
5. Social Media for Social Justice: Cyberfeminism in the Digital Village
Carolyn M. Cunningham, Heather M. Crandall

Clark, Lindie - Learning Through Community Engagement, ebook

Learning Through Community Engagement

Clark, Lindie


Community-University Engagement: International Perspectives
1. A Collaborative Turn: Trends and Directions in Community Engagement
John Saltmarsh
2. The Civic University: A Legal and Policy Vacuum?
Lorraine McIlrath
3. Community Engagement

Zepke, Nick - Student Engagement in Neoliberal Times, ebook

Student Engagement in Neoliberal Times

Zepke, Nick


Student Engagement and Neoliberalism: An Elective Affinity?
Nick Zepke
6. A Critique of Mainstream Student Engagement
Nick Zepke
Part III. Student Engagement Beyond the Mainstream
7. Student Engagement