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UNKNOWN - CliffsAP Chemistry, ebook

CliffsAP Chemistry



Review of topics tested, atom, periodic table, bonding, geometry-hybridization, stoichiometry, gases, liquids and solids, thermodynamics, solutions, equilibrium, acids and bases, kinetics, redox, nuclear chemistry, organic

Eilks, Ingo - Teaching Chemistry – A Studybook, ebook

Teaching Chemistry – A Studybook

Eilks, Ingo


How to Allocate the Chemistry Curriculum Between Science and Society
Ingo Eilks, Franz Rauch, Bernd Ralle, Avi Hofstein
2. How to Outline Objectives for Chemistry Education and how to Assess Them
Yael Shwartz, Yehudit

Gupta-Bhowon, Minu - Chemistry Education in the ICT Age, ebook

Chemistry Education in the ICT Age

Gupta-Bhowon, Minu


“Jeopardy” in the Inorganic Classroom - Teaching Descriptive Chemistry Using a Television Game Show Format
J. Van Houten
4. Teaching Thermodynamic Relations Using a Story and Two-Dimensional Cartesian Coordinate System
Y.H. Chung
5. Heralding Calamity