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Sunstein, Cass R. - Designing Democracy : What Constitutions Do, ebook

Designing Democracy : What Constitutions Do

Sunstein, Cass R.


"In modern nations, political disagreement is the source of both the gravest danger and the greatest security," writes Cass Sunstein. All democracies face intense political conflict. But is this conflict necessarily something to fear? In this provocative book, one of our leading political

Sunstein, Cass R. - Infotopia : How Many Minds Produce Knowledge, ebook

Infotopia : How Many Minds Produce Knowledge

Sunstein, Cass R.


Beset from all sides by a never-ending barrage of media, how can we ensure that the most accurate information emerges and is heeded? In this book, Cass R. Sunstein develops a deeply optimistic understanding of the human potential to pool information, and to use that

Cowie, Bronwen - Expanding Notions of Assessment for Learning, ebook

Expanding Notions of Assessment for Learning

Cowie, Bronwen


Material Artefacts as Scenarios and Resources for Ideas and Interaction
Bronwen Cowie, Judy Moreland, Kathrin Otrel-Cass
7. Pursuing Learning as Coherent, Connected and Cumulative
Bronwen Cowie, Judy Moreland, Kathrin Otrel-Cass

France, Bev - Bringing Communities Together, ebook

Bringing Communities Together

France, Bev


Fostering Opportunities to Talk About Science
Kathrin Otrel-Cass, Alison Campbell, Marcus Wilson
15. The Impact of Technologists Working Alongside Students in Technology
Cliff Harwood
16. Teachers Making Connections With the Technology Community

Barabasch, Antje - Work and Education in America, ebook

Work and Education in America

Barabasch, Antje


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Antje Barabasch, Felix Rauner
2. Dilemmas of Design: Education Versus Qualification in the US Vocational System
Jeff King†
3. The Multitiered CTE/VET System in the United States—From High School to Two-Year Colleges
Chris Zirkle
4. The American Community College

Kaur, Baljit - Understanding Teaching and Learning, ebook

Understanding Teaching and Learning

Kaur, Baljit


Table of contents
1. Understanding What Students Learn
Graham Nuthall
2. Reassessing the Nature of Learning in a Science or Mathematics Classroom
Ellice Ann Forman
3. Exploring Classroom Life and Student Learning
Judith Green, Maria Lucia Castanheira
4. Students’ Learning Experiences
Jane Abbiss

Clark, Lindie - Learning Through Community Engagement, ebook

Learning Through Community Engagement

Clark, Lindie


PACE at a Glance: Case Studies of the Student Experience
Ruth McHugh, Rebecca Bilous, Cass Grant, Laura Hammersley
11. Reflection for Learning: A Holistic Approach to Disrupting the Text
Marina Harvey, Michaela Baker, Anne-Louise Semple, Kate Lloyd, Kathryn