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Spies, Anke - Schulsozialarbeit in der Bildungslandschaft, ebook

Schulsozialarbeit in der Bildungslandschaft

Spies, Anke


Table of contents
1. Schulsozialarbeit in der Bildungslandschaft – Einleitung
Anke Spies
2. Bildungsreform und Sozialarbeit. Eine Analyse der Reformerwartungen und -potenziale von Schulsozialarbeit aus historischer, empirischer und förderpolitischer…

Gill, Peter - Intelligence in An Insecure World, ebook

Intelligence in An Insecure World

Gill, Peter


Security intelligence continues to be of central importance to the contemporary world: individuals, organizations and states all seek timely and actionable intelligence in order to increase their sense of security. But what exactly is intelligence? Who…

Lowenthal, Mark M. - The Future of Intelligence, ebook

The Future of Intelligence

Lowenthal, Mark M.


Intelligence is, by definition, a shadowy business. Yet many aspects of this secret world are now more openly analyzed and discussed, a trend which has inevitably prompted lively debate about intelligence gathering and analysis: what should be allowed?…

Sebag-Montefiore, Hugh - Enigma: The Battle for the Code, ebook

Enigma: The Battle for the Code

Sebag-Montefiore, Hugh


In this fascinating account, however, we are told, for the first time, the hair-raising stories of the heroic British and American sailors, spies, and secret agents who put their lives on the line to provide the codebreakers with the materials they needed. Noted British

Korzh, Alla - Reimagining Utopias, ebook

Reimagining Utopias

Korzh, Alla


Table of contents
1. Introducing Research Dilemmas in Post-Socialist Education Contexts
Iveta Silova, Noah W. Sobe, Alla Korzh, Serhiy Kovalchuk
Section 1. Researcher Positionality, Power, and Privilege
2. “She’s Our Spy”
Christine Beresniova
3. From the Inside Outside
Tatiana Bogachenko

Humphreys, Adrian - The Weasel: A Double Life in the Mob, ebook

The Weasel: A Double Life in the Mob

Humphreys, Adrian


Customs, Scotland Yard, RCMP, Ontario Provincial Police and other law enforcement agencies on three continents, trapping and betraying mobsters, mercenaries, spies, drug traffickers, pornographers, union fat cats and corrupt politicians.
With unflinching honesty,

Helenius, Ola - Mathematics Education in the Early Years, ebook

Mathematics Education in the Early Years

Helenius, Ola


“I Spy with My Little Eye”: Children Comparing Lengths Indirectly
Johanna Zöllner, Christiane Benz
21. The Role of Conceptual Subitising in the Development of Foundational Number Sense
Judy Sayers, Paul Andrews, Lisa Björklund Boistrup
Part V.

Holler-Nowitzki, Birgit - Profession und Disziplin, ebook

Profession und Disziplin

Holler-Nowitzki, Birgit


Table of contents
Teil I. Einleitung
1. Profession und Disziplin – Grundschulpädagogik im Diskurs
Susanne Miller, Birgit Holler-Nowitzki, Brigitte Kottmann, Svenja Lesemann, Birte Letmathe-Henkel, Nikolas Meyer, René Schroeder, Katrin Velten
Teil II. Standortbestimmung von Profession und Disziplin
2. Grundschulpädagogik