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Rosen, David - Free $ For College For Dummies<sup>&#174;</sup>, ebook

Free $ For College For Dummies®

Rosen, David


Demystifies the scholarship selection process
Write winning essays and get financial aid
Need money for college? This simple, straightforward guide shows you how to find scholarships, grants, and other "free money" to use toward your college expenses. You get expert advice on applying for federal grants, participating

Paddock, Lisa - Supreme Court For Dummies, ebook

Supreme Court For Dummies

Paddock, Lisa


Gives you the scoop on how the Court reaches its decisions

Get involved and track a case through the system

This fun and easy guide demystifies the federal court system by describing what kinds of cases the justices hear, outlining how cases reach the Supreme Court, clarifying legal terms, and explaining

Hanna, Gila - Explanation and Proof in Mathematics, ebook

Explanation and Proof in Mathematics

Hanna, Gila


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Gila Hanna, Hans Niels Jahnke, Helmut Pulte
2. The Conjoint Origin of Proof and Theoretical Physics
Hans Niels Jahnke
3. Lakatos, Lakoff and Núñez: Towards a Satisfactory Definition of Continuity
Teun Koetsier
4. Preaxiomatic Mathematical Reasoning: An Algebraic