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Aloni, Nimrod - Beyond Bystanders, ebook

Beyond Bystanders

Aloni, Nimrod


Education and Leadership in Schools Today
David T. Hansen
3. Schooling and Globalization
Pasi Sahlberg, Jason Brown
4. Education for Critical-Democratic Citizenship
Wiel Veugelers
5. Educators Worthy of

Beck, Klaus - From Diagnostics to Learning Success, ebook

From Diagnostics to Learning Success

Beck, Klaus


Assessing Research on School Leadership in Germany from an International Perspective
Ralf Tenberg, Julia Warwas
21. Teachers’ Evidence-Based Actions
Olga Zlatkin-Troitschanskaia, Jana Seidel, Martin Stump

Bates, Richard - Handbook of Teacher Education, ebook

Handbook of Teacher Education

Bates, Richard


Building Leadership Capability through Professional Development: A New Zealand Case Study Analysis
Ruth Gorinski
33. A Case Study: The Dilemmas of Biculturalism in Education Policy and Visual Arts Education Practice in Aotearoa-New Zealand
Jill Smith