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Majhanovich, Suzanne - Economics, Aid and Education, ebook

Economics, Aid and Education

Majhanovich, Suzanne


Critical Analysis of Economics of Education Theories with Regard to the Quality of Education
Hasan Hüseyin Aksoy, Aygülen Karahan Karakul, Hatice O. Aras, Dilek Çankaya
Part II. Education and Development in a Neoliberal World
6. How the English Language

Butt, Simon - Asia-Pacific Disaster Management, ebook

Asia-Pacific Disaster Management

Butt, Simon


Disaster Management: Socio-Legal and Asia-Pacific Perspectives
Luke Nottage, Hitoshi Nasu, Simon Butt
2. A Public Health Perspective on Reconstructing Post-Disaster Japan
Michael R. Reich
3. Disaster in Japan: A Case Study
Yasuko Claremont

Babu, R. Rajesh - Management Education in India, ebook

Management Education in India

Babu, R. Rajesh


The State of Management Education in India: Trajectories and Pathways
R. R. Babu, Manish Thakur
Part I. Management Education: Locations and Hierarchies
2. A Postcolonial Critique of Indian’s Management