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Butt, Simon - Asia-Pacific Disaster Management, ebook

Asia-Pacific Disaster Management

Butt, Simon


Disaster Management: Socio-Legal and Asia-Pacific Perspectives
Luke Nottage, Hitoshi Nasu, Simon Butt
2. A Public Health Perspective on Reconstructing Post-Disaster Japan
Michael R. Reich
3. Disaster in Japan: A Case Study
Yasuko Claremont

Golub, Philip S. - East Asia's Reemergence, ebook

East Asia's Reemergence

Golub, Philip S.


East Asia has re-emerged after a long eclipse as a centre of world wealth creation and growth. Over the past four decades the region?s share of world GDP has risen from less than 10 to 30 percent, a ratio that is set to rise to 40 percent by 2030.
What has made East Asia?s

Chaisse, Julien - Asia's Changing International Investment Regime, ebook

Asia's Changing International Investment Regime

Chaisse, Julien


Shaping Globalization: Recent Trends in Asia-Pacific Foreign Direct Investment
Bekzod Abdullaev, Douglas H. Brooks
4. Reforming the International Investment Regime: Two Challenges
Karl P. Sauvant
5. Investment Protection and Host State’s Right to

Chaisse, Julien - Paradigm Shift in International Economic Law Rule-Making, ebook

Paradigm Shift in International Economic Law Rule-Making

Chaisse, Julien


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Trade Policies in the Post-TPP Era
Julien Chaisse, Henry Gao, Chang-fa Lo
Part I. The Impact of TPP on International Economic Law Rule-Making
2. The Coherent Fragmentation of International Economic Law: Lessons from the Transpacific Partnership Agreement
Colin B. Picker