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Frauley, Jon - Criminology, Deviance, and the Silver Screen, ebook

Criminology, Deviance, and the Silver Screen

Frauley, Jon


Moral Transcendence and Symbolic Interaction in Falling Down
Jon Frauley
5. Subculture and American History X
Jon Frauley
6. Pathology, Power, and Medicalization in K-PAX
Jon Frauley
7. Biopolitics and the Governance of Genetic Capital in GATTACA

Koopmans, Matthijs - Complex Dynamical Systems in Education, ebook

Complex Dynamical Systems in Education

Koopmans, Matthijs


Emergence, Self-Transcendence, and Education
Jeffrey Goldstein
5. Opening the Wondrous World of the Possible for Education: A Generative Complexity Approach
Ton Jörg
6. Towards the Teaching of Motor Skills as a System of Growing Complexity

Reid, Alan D. - A Companion to Research in Education, ebook

A Companion to Research in Education

Reid, Alan D.


Immanent Transcendence in Educational Research
Olav Eikeland
25. When Will I Be a Teacher?
Paul Gibbs
26. The Role of Meta-analysis in Educational Research
John Hattie, H. Jane Rogers, Hariharan Swaminathan
27. Using Educational Research as