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Sawyer, Andy - Teaching Science Fiction, ebook

Teaching Science Fiction

Sawyer, Andy


Postmodernism, Postmodernity and the Postmodern: Telling Local Stories at the End of Time
Andrew M. Butler
10. Teaching Gender and Science Fiction
Brian Attebery
11. Teaching Postcolonial Science Fiction
Uppinder Mehan
12. Teaching Latin American

Beneyto, José María - At the Origins of  Modernity, ebook

At the Origins of Modernity

Beneyto, José María


Francisco de Vitoria and the Postmodern Grand Critique of International Law
Pablo Zapatero Miguel
11. Francisco de Vitoria and the Nomos of the Code: The Digital Commons and Natural Law, Digital Communication as a Human Right, Just Cyber-Warfare

Kramer, Eli - Contemporary Philosophical Proposals for the University, ebook

Contemporary Philosophical Proposals for the University

Kramer, Eli


An African Theory of the Point of Higher Education: Communion as an Alternative to Autonomy, Truth, and Citizenship
Thaddeus Metz
Part IV. Return to Experience: Reconstruction Put into Practice
10. Remaking the Academy: The Potential and the Challenge of

Aspin, David N. - Philosophical Perspectives on Lifelong Learning, ebook

Philosophical Perspectives on Lifelong Learning

Aspin, David N.


Lifelong Learning and Knowledge: Towards a General Theory of Professional Inquiry
Colin W. Evers
12. The Nature of Knowledge and Lifelong Learning
Jean Barr, Morwenna Griffiths
13. Reading Lifelong Learning Through a Postmodern Lens
Robin Usher