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Hawkins, John N. - Higher Education Regionalization in Asia Pacific, ebook

Higher Education Regionalization in Asia Pacific

Hawkins, John N.


The Philippines and the Global Labor Market: An Emergent Form of Trans-regional Influence on Philippine Higher Education
Regina M. Ordonez
Part III. Regulatory and Governance Dimensions
9. Cooperation and Competition in Tango: Transnationalization of Higher

Bezzina, Christopher - Intercultural Studies of Curriculum, ebook

Intercultural Studies of Curriculum

Bezzina, Christopher


Toward Cross-Cultural Curriculum Development: An Analysis of Science Education in the Philippines, Ghana, and the United States
A. C. Vera Cruz, P. E. Madden, C. K. Asante
4. High School Teachers’ Perceptions Regarding Inquiry-Based Science Curriculum in

Harris, Roger - Rethinking Work and Learning, ebook

Rethinking Work and Learning

Harris, Roger


Birds Learn to Swim and Fish Learn to Fly: Lessons from the Philippines on AVE for Social Sustainability
Edicio dela Torre
18. Breaking the Silence: Exploring Spirituality in Secular Professional Education in Australia
Joanna Crossman
19. Waldorf Schools

Horta, Hugo - Researching Higher Education in Asia, ebook

Researching Higher Education in Asia

Horta, Hugo


Higher Education Research in the Philippines: Policies and Prospects
Christian Bryan S. Bustamante
Part IV. South/West Asia
17. Education Research and Emergence of Higher Education as a Field of Study in India
N. V. Varghese
18. Higher Education

Grace, Gerald - International Handbook of Catholic Education, ebook

International Handbook of Catholic Education

Grace, Gerald


Catholic Schools in the Philippines: Beacons of Hope in Asia
Angelina L. V. Gutiérrez
38. Ethics, Moral, and Social Responsibility Formation of Students: Contemporary Challenges for Catholic Schools in Thailand
Martin Komolmas
39. Challenges for the