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Yang, Keming - Capitalists in Communist China, ebook

Capitalists in Communist China

Yang, Keming


Table of contents
1. The Political Significance of Capitalists in Communist China
Keming Yang
2. The Demise of the Old Capitalists in the New Society
Keming Yang
3. The Growth of the New Capitalists
Keming Yang
4. Wealth and Power, Business and Politics
Keming Yang
5. Between the Communist

Chorafas, Dimitris N. - Breaking Up the Euro, ebook

Breaking Up the Euro

Chorafas, Dimitris N.


The Nineteenth “Summit’s” Miracle Weapons: June 28–29, 2012
Dimitris N. Chorafas
4. ECB, EFSF, ESM, Eurobonds, and Political Horse Trading
Dimitris N. Chorafas
5. Throwing Money to the Four-Letter Wind: LTRO
Dimitris N. Chorafas
6. Fiscal

Woot, Philippe - Should Prometheus Be Bound?, ebook

Should Prometheus Be Bound?

Woot, Philippe


New Weapons: the Technosciences
Philippe Woot
3. New Spaces: Globalization of the Market Economy
Philippe Woot
4. New Power: Political Deficit and Ethical Vacuum
Philippe Woot
5. An Unsustainable System?
Philippe Woot
Part II. New Corporate

Chorafas, Dimitris N. - Sovereign Debt Crisis, ebook

Sovereign Debt Crisis

Chorafas, Dimitris N.


Conventional and Unconventional Weapons in a Central Bank’s Arsenal
Dimitris N. Chorafas
6. Fiscal Policies, Spending Policies and Conflicting Aims
Dimitris N. Chorafas
7. Restructuring Sovereign Balance Sheets
Dimitris N. Chorafas
Part III.

Elkin, Noah - Mobile Marketing: An Hour a Day, ebook

Mobile Marketing: An Hour a Day

Elkin, Noah

From 26,40€

Shows you step by step how to develop, implement, and measure a successful mobile marketing strategyPares down a complex process into approachable, bite-sized tasks you can tackle in an hour a dayCovers vital mobile marketing weapons like messaging, mobile websites,

Eliasson, Gunnar - Visible Costs and Invisible Benefits, ebook

Visible Costs and Invisible Benefits

Eliasson, Gunnar


Table of contents
Part I. Customer Competence, Military Technology and Civilian Industry
1. Background, Problems Addressed, and Economic Political Context
Gunnar Eliasson
2. The Role of the Competent and Demanding Customer and Technological Product Competition in Industrial Evolution: A Historic Perspective