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Gurtuna, Ozgur - Fundamentals of Space Business and Economics, ebook

Fundamentals of Space Business and Economics

Gurtuna, Ozgur


Introduction to Space Business and Economics
Ozgur Gurtuna
2. Understanding the Nature of Space Business
Ozgur Gurtuna
3. Seven Distinguishing Features of Space Business
Ozgur Gurtuna
4. Socio-Economic Benefits of Space Activities

Mitev, Nathalie - Materiality and Space, ebook

Materiality and Space

Mitev, Nathalie


Introduction: Space in Organizations and Sociomateriality
François-Xavier Vaujany, Nathalie Mitev
Part I. Materiality, Space and Practices: Definitions and Discussions
2. Living in the Material World
Andrew Pickering

Brennan, Louis - The business of space, ebook

The business of space

Brennan, Louis


Table of contents
1. Introduction and background: the global space industry
Louis Brennan, Alessandra Vecchi
2. Industry analysis
Louis Brennan, Alessandra Vecchi
3. The main country players
Louis Brennan, Alessandra Vecchi
4. The future
Louis Brennan, Alessandra Vecchi