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Kenyon, Chris - Discounting, LIBOR, CVA and Funding, ebook

Discounting, LIBOR, CVA and Funding

Kenyon, Chris


Table of contents
1. Back to the Basics
Chris Kenyon, Roland Stamm
2. Bootstrapping of Zero Curves
Chris Kenyon, Roland Stamm
3. A Plethora of Credit Spreads
Chris Kenyon, Roland Stamm
4. Introduction to Basis Spreads

Zaric, Gregory S. - Operations Research and Health Care Policy, ebook

Operations Research and Health Care Policy

Zaric, Gregory S.


Review of Operations Research Tools and Techniques Used for Influenza Pandemic Planning
David W. Hutton
Part IV. Pharmaceutical Policy
12. Active Vaccine and Drug Surveillance
Margrét V. Bjarnadóttir, David Czerwinski
13. Application of Operations

Tsounis, Nicholas - Advances in Applied Economic Research, ebook

Advances in Applied Economic Research

Tsounis, Nicholas


Dynamics of Lending Rates in the Baltic Countries: Influence of Funding Costs of Banks and Risk Factors
Vija Micune
42. Modelling Farmers’ Behaviour Toward Risk in a Large Scale Positive Mathematical Programming (PMP) Model
Iván Arribas, Kamel Louhichi,

Soprano, Aldo - Liquidity Management: A Funding Risk Handbook, ebook

Liquidity Management: A Funding Risk Handbook

Soprano, Aldo


Based on extensive research conducted on banks' datasets, this book addresses the practical challenges and critical issues that frequently go unmentioned, and discusses the recent impact of sovereign crises on banks' liquidity processes and approaches. Market practices

Hamacher, Theresa - The Fund Industry: How Your Money is Managed, ebook

The Fund Industry: How Your Money is Managed

Hamacher, Theresa


Readers will learn how to research a fund and assess whether it's right for them; then they'll go behind the scenes to see how funds are invested, sold and regulated. This updated edition expands coverage of the segments of the industry where growth is hottest, including