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Kapur, P.K. - Quality, IT and Business Operations, ebook

Quality, IT and Business Operations

Kapur, P.K.


A Conceptual Architectural Design for Intelligent Health Information System: Case Study on India
Sachin Kumar, Saibal K. Pal, Ram Pal Singh
2. A General Framework for Modeling of Multiple-Version Software with Change-Point
Gaurav Mishra, P. K. Kapur, A.

Tuominen, Kari - What is the Quality of Your Management? - ISO 9004:2009, ebook

What is the Quality of Your Management? - ISO 9004:2009

Tuominen, Kari


The right hand page of each spread describes the principles the organisation follows when putting quality management into practice and thereby achieving success.
Real life examples of the thinking and methodology behind average and successful organisation provide

Ermoliev, Yuri - Managing Safety of Heterogeneous Systems, ebook

Managing Safety of Heterogeneous Systems

Ermoliev, Yuri


Robust Management of Heterogeneous Systems under Uncertainties
Yuri Ermoliev, Marek Makowski, Kurt Marti
2. Systemic Risk and Security Management
Yuri Ermoliev, Detlof Winterfeldt
3. Robust Decisions under Risk for Imprecise Probabilities