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Mainka-Riedel, Maritta - Stressmanagement - Stabil trotz Gegenwind, ebook

Stressmanagement - Stabil trotz Gegenwind

Mainka-Riedel, Maritta


Table of contents
1. Einleitung
Maritta Mainka-Riedel
2. Moderne Arbeitswelt – eine neue Bewährungsprobe für die Psyche?
Maritta Mainka-Riedel
3. Stress – von der Entstehung bis zu den Auswirkungen
Maritta Mainka-Riedel
4. Stresssignale erkennen und richtig handeln
Maritta Mainka-Riedel

Ford, Jackie - Leadership as Identity, ebook

Leadership as Identity

Ford, Jackie


Table of contents
Part I. Constructions
1. Texts
Jackie Ford, Nancy Harding, Mark Learmonth
2. Leadership as Performative: Or How the Words ‘Leader’ and ‘Leadership’ Do Things
Jackie Ford, Nancy Harding, Mark Learmonth
3. The Leader as Hero
Jackie Ford, Nancy Harding, Mark Learmonth
4. Learning

Hinz, Olaf - Segeln auf Sicht, ebook

Segeln auf Sicht

Hinz, Olaf


Statt der Psyche lieber die Struktur in den Fokus nehmen
Olaf Hinz
4. Statt vollständig und zu spät lieber rasch und unvollständig kommunizieren
Olaf Hinz
5. Statt Gemeinsamkeiten zu betonen, lieber Unterschiede nutzen
Olaf Hinz
6. Statt

Richards, Dave - The Seven Sins of Innovation, ebook

The Seven Sins of Innovation

Richards, Dave


Table of contents
Part I. Definitions
1. The Need for a New Approach
Dave Richards
2. Innovation and Unnovation
Dave Richards
3. Value and Evaluation
Dave Richards
4. Entrepreneurial Psyche and Flow
Dave Richards
5. Strategy
Dave Richards
6. The Innovation Zone and Innovation Zoning

Fisk, Peter - Customer Genius, ebook

Customer Genius

Fisk, Peter


It reaches deeper into the customer psyche, reaching beyond superficial research averages, beyond articulating needs and wants based on convention, to what motivates and inspires them. And as a result, learns to work on their terms -- inverting the way we do business,