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Joshua, John - The Economics of Addictive Behaviours Volume IV, ebook

The Economics of Addictive Behaviours Volume IV

Joshua, John


The History of Obesity and Its Distribution by Social Class and Geography
John Joshua
3. The Phenomenon of the Body Mass Index
John Joshua
4. The Mismatch Between Food Requirements and Actual Diets
John Joshua
5. The Obesogenic Environment

Billari, Francesco C. - Agent-Based Computational Modelling, ebook

Agent-Based Computational Modelling

Billari, Francesco C.


Table of contents
1. Agent-Based Computational Modelling: An Introduction
Francesco C. Billari, Thomas Fent, Alexia Prskawetz, Jürgen Scheffran
2. Agent-Based Modelling — A Methodology for the Analysis of Qualitative Development Processes
Andreas Pyka, Thomas Grebel
3. On the Analysis of Asymmetric Directed

Tomer, John F. - Integrating Human Capital with Human Development, ebook

Integrating Human Capital with Human Development

Tomer, John F.


What Causes Obesity? And Why Has It Grown So Much?
John F. Tomer
7. Intangible Capital, Chronic Ailments, and Other Persistent Socioeconomic Problems
John F. Tomer
Part IV. Remedying Socioeconomic Dysfunction
8. Stemming the Tide of Obesity

Marangos, John - Alternative Perspectives of a Good Society, ebook

Alternative Perspectives of a Good Society

Marangos, John


Table of contents
1. Introduction
John Marangos
2. Marx and Engels’s Vision of Building a Good Society
Al Campbell
3. Gendered Work in a “Good Society”—A Paradox to Care About
Karin Schönpflug
4. Does the Field of Comparative Economic Systems (CES) Care about the Good Society? A Feminist Angle

Grandy, Gina - Stigmas, Work and Organizations, ebook

Stigmas, Work and Organizations

Grandy, Gina


Table of contents
1. Introduction
S. Bruce Thomson, Gina Grandy
Part I. Stigma at the Individual/Micro Level
2. Obesity and Stigmatization at Work
Tatiana Levit, Anne Lavack, Lisa Watson
3. Chronic Illness Stigma and Its Relevance in the Workplace
Rebecca S. Dalgin
4. The Complex Nature of Disability