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Udell, Chad - Mastering Mobile Learning, ebook

Mastering Mobile Learning

Udell, Chad


Discover the strategies, tools, and technologies necessary for developing successful mobile learning programs
In the modern, rapidly-expanding mobile learning environment, only clear guidelines and state-of-the-art technologies will stand up to the

Dwivedi, Yogesh K. - Mobile Marketing Channel, ebook

Mobile Marketing Channel

Dwivedi, Yogesh K.


Design of the Mobile Channel Structure
Mahmud Akhter Shareef, Yogesh K. Dwivedi, Vinod Kumar
6. Target Marketing and Development of the Communication Channel
Mahmud Akhter Shareef, Yogesh K. Dwivedi, Vinod Kumar
7. Conclusion
Mahmud Akhter Shareef,

Badgett, Tom - The Art of Software Testing, ebook

The Art of Software Testing

Badgett, Tom


The new Third Edition explains how to apply the book's classic principles to today's hot topics including: Testing apps for iPhones, iPads, BlackBerrys, Androids, and other mobile devices Collaborative (user) programming and testingTesting for Internet applications,

Nelson, Matthew L. - Sustainable e-Business Management, ebook

Sustainable e-Business Management

Nelson, Matthew L.


Agent-Based Simulation for Evaluation of a Mobile Emergency Management System
Heiko Roßnagel, Jan Zibuschka, Olaf Junker
10. Using Ontologies in an E-Commerce Environment: Help or Hype?
Franziska Brecht, Kerstin Schäfer
11. B2B Electronic Marketplaces