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Shamah, Shani - A Foreign Exchange Primer, ebook

A Foreign Exchange Primer

Shamah, Shani

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This book will provide a thorough introduction to the foreign exchange markets, looking at the main products through to the techniques used, coverage of the main participants, details of the various players, and an understanding of the jargon used in everyday dealings. Written in a concise

Gold, Natalie - Teamwork, ebook


Gold, Natalie


The Psychology of Effective Teamworking
Carol S. Borrill, Michael A. West
8. Teams over Time — a Logical Perspective
Wiebe Hoek, Marc Pauly, Michael Wooldridge
9. The Logic of Team Reasoning
Robert Sugden
10. Rational Agency, Cooperation and

Dhiman, Satinder - Holistic Leadership, ebook

Holistic Leadership

Dhiman, Satinder


Table of contents
1. Introduction: On Becoming a Holistic Leader
Satinder Dhiman
2. Self-Motivation: Motivating the Whole Person
Satinder Dhiman
3. Self-Mastery: Mastering the “Me” in Leadership
Satinder Dhiman
4. Creativity and Flow: The Art of Mindful Creativity
Satinder Dhiman
5. Emotional