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Demaria, Cyril - Introduction to Private Equity, ebook

Introduction to Private Equity

Demaria, Cyril

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Introduction to Private Equity is a critical yet grounded guide to the private equity industry. Far more than just another introductory guide, the book blends academic rigour with practical experience to provide a critical perspective of the industry from a professional who has worked at

Fabozzi, Frank J. - Introduction to Securitization, ebook

Introduction to Securitization

Fabozzi, Frank J.


Introduction to Securitization outlines the basics of securitization, addressing applications for this technology to mortgages, collateralized debt obligations, future flows, credit cards, and auto loans. The authors present a comprehensive overview of the topic based on the experience they

Sondermann, Dieter - Introduction to Stochastic Calculus for Finance, ebook

Introduction to Stochastic Calculus for Finance

Sondermann, Dieter


Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. Preliminaries
3. Introduction to Itô-Calculus
4. The Girsanov Transformation
5. Application to Financial Economics
6. Term Structure Models
7. Why Do We Need Itô-Calculus in Finance?
8. Appendix: Itô Calculus Without Probabilities


Russell, Ray - An Introduction to Fund Management, ebook

An Introduction to Fund Management

Russell, Ray


An Introduction to Fund Management introduces readers to the economic rationale for the existence of funds, the different types available, investment strategies and many other related issues from the perspective of the investment manager. It gives an overview of the whole business and explores

Choudhry, Moorad - Introduction to Structured Finance, ebook

Introduction to Structured Finance

Choudhry, Moorad


Created by the experienced author team of Frank Fabozzi, Henry Davis, and Moorad Choudhry, Introduction to Structured Finance examines the essential elements of this discipline. It is a convenient reference guide—which covers all the important transaction types in one place—and

Choudhry, Moorad - An Introduction to Bond Markets, ebook

An Introduction to Bond Markets

Choudhry, Moorad


The fourth edition of Professor Moorad Choudhry's benchmark reference text An Introduction to Bond Markets brings readers up to date with latest developments and market practice, including the impact of the financial crisis and issues of relevance for investors. This