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Rossignoli, Cecilia - Digital Technology and Organizational Change, ebook

Digital Technology and Organizational Change

Rossignoli, Cecilia


Consumer Satisfaction and Loyalty in Digital Markets: Exploring the Impact of Their Antecedents
Ivan Russo, Ilenia Confente, Antonio Borghesi
13. Unveiling the Big Data Adoption in Banks: Strategizing the Implementation of a New Technology
Eduardo H. Diniz,

Bruck, Peter A. - E-Content, ebook


Bruck, Peter A.


The State of Digital Media Service Business
Tommi Pelkonen
3. Paid Content: From Free to Fee
Jak Boumans
4. The Impact of E-Learning
Attila Nagy
5. Scientific Publishing: A European Strength
Zeger Karssen
6. Mobile Games:

Cordeiro, José - Web Information Systems and Technologies, ebook

Web Information Systems and Technologies

Cordeiro, José


Representing and Validating Digital Business Processes
Ernesto Damiani, Paolo Ceravolo, Cristiano Fugazza, Karl Reed
3. Semi-automated Content Zoning of Spam Emails
Claudine Brucks, Michael Hilker, Christoph Schommer, Cynthia Wagner, Ralph Weires

Katsoni, Vicky - Tourism, Culture and Heritage in a Smart Economy, ebook

Tourism, Culture and Heritage in a Smart Economy

Katsoni, Vicky


Serious Games at the Service of Cultural Heritage and Tourism
Andreas Georgopoulos, Georgia Kontogianni, Christos Koutsaftis, Margarita Skamantzari
2. Dissemination of Environmental Soundscape and Musical Heritage Through 3D Virtual Telepresence