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Screpanti, Ernesto - Libertarian Communism, ebook

Libertarian Communism

Screpanti, Ernesto


Table of contents
Part 1. A Theory of Welfare?
1. Communitarian Communism
Ernesto Screpanti
2. The Communism of Abundance
Ernesto Screpanti
Part 2. A Theory of Freedom
3. Freedom and the Individual
Ernesto Screpanti
4. The Emancipation of Labour
Ernesto Screpanti
Part 3. A Reformulation

Bernholz, Peter - Totalitarianism, Terrorism and Supreme Values, ebook

Totalitarianism, Terrorism and Supreme Values

Bernholz, Peter


Ideologies of National Socialism, Communism, Christianity, and Islam
Peter Bernholz
3. The Theory of Totalitarianism and Mature Ideocracy, Part I: Evolution and Development
Peter Bernholz
4. Further Historical Cases of Totalitarian Regimes

Lee, Miles W. N. - China’s Economic Rise and Its Global Impact, ebook

China’s Economic Rise and Its Global Impact

Lee, Miles W. N.


Why China Turned to Communism and Won the Civil War
Ken Moak, Miles W. N. Lee
5. History of Chinese Economic Development 1949–78
Ken Moak, Miles W. N. Lee
6. Deng Xiaoping Theory
Ken Moak, Miles W. N. Lee
7. Post-Deng Xiaoping Economic Policies

Nayak, Satyendra - The Global Financial Crisis, ebook

The Global Financial Crisis

Nayak, Satyendra


Downfall of Communism: God That Failed
Satyendra Nayak
11. Structural Shifts
Satyendra Nayak
12. US Savings Gap Versus Global Liquidity Reflux
Satyendra Nayak
13. Conundrum of Financial Markets: Measuring Risks and Mapping Regulation

Roland, Gérard - Economies in Transition, ebook

Economies in Transition

Roland, Gérard


The Long-Run Weight of Communism or the Weight of Long-Run History?
Gérard Roland
8. Misuse of Institutions: Lessons from Transition
Leonid Polishchuk
9. Civil Society, Institutional Change, and the Politics of Reform: The Great Transition

Crawford, Alan - Angela Merkel: A Chancellorship Forged in Crisis, ebook

Angela Merkel: A Chancellorship Forged in Crisis

Crawford, Alan

From 24,85€

Delving into Merkel’s past, the authors explain the motives behind her drive to remake Europe for the age of globalization, her economic role models and the experiences under communism that color her decisions. For the first time in English, Merkel is fully placed

Beretta, Silvio - Understanding China Today, ebook

Understanding China Today

Beretta, Silvio


Confucianism, Communism and Democracy: A ‘Triangular’ Struggle in China-Reflections on Italy’s Historical Experience with Cultural Reform
Lihong Zhang
21. Italy’s Policies Towards and Relations with China from 1937 to 1945
Guido Samarani